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Hurricane Harvey

This page is in chronological order, so scroll down to see new entries added today, 3/1/18
On Sunday, October 22, the church voted to accept the recommendations of the Church Council regarding the remodel of our Sanctuary.   
Here is a statement of their recommendations:

1)  New flooring.  The new flooring will be ceramic tile underneath the pews and carpet in the center and side aisles and the back and front of the sanctuary.  The chair area behind the divider in the pulpit area will be carpet and the pulpit area and steps will be laminated wood.

2) Add new pews.  The pews will be 13 feet rather than 14 and 15 feet as the previous pews were in order to give greater access in the middle aisle and the side aisles.  The number of the pews will be 20 rather than 24 in number in order to give more space up front and in the back of the Sanctuary.  The seating capacity will be 160 whereas previously the seating capacity was 192.  The Church Council reasoned that when we overflow we can add chairs temporarily or go to 2 services. 

3) New sound system.  Significant parts of the sound system were on the floor where the flood waters came, and the sound system was already needing an upgrade, so the Church Council recommends a new sound system

4) Repaint the Sanctuary walls, using the same color as before the flood. 


The following are some new pictures showing some of the updates around the building as of Oct. 3rd.
This is our worship center right now:
See the podium expansion
The sheetrock is replaced near the piano side exit
Sheetrock replaced on the left aisle and all around
This is the hallway near the Men's classroom.
This is the east hallway near the Pastor's class.
Here is the Men's classroom.
Preschool classroom.
Preschool restroom
Ladies' classroom
Rear hallway.
Men's restroom.
Pastor's office.
Here are pictures taken on the day the church flooded:
Sunday night 8/27/17:

Here we are trying to remove the water inside the fellowship hall:
These picture below give you an idea of the what we have done so far in the clean-up after the flood from Harvey.  We are still drying out and preparing to repair the damage.  Many thanks go out to our members who came and worked together to accomplish all that has been done so far.  
We worshipped in the foyer on Sunday, Sept. 3rd.  It was a blessing.
 Wet floor removed:
Wet drywall removed:  We now have a contractor working for us to assist in the remodel.  
Working to remove all the wet drywall:
Our guys removed the kitchen sink and cabinets:
More pictures coming soon
It was a beautiful day in January when our new pews arrived for installation.  And the truck that delivered them was huge.
Then they laid out all the pew pieces in place.
Here you can see how they installed them
Here is the view after they finished.
The podium was enlarged and looked this way
for awhile.
Then the wood flooring was installed, partially. 
We had to wait on special pieces of the wood
for the steps.  
And we had several services at this level of
Here you see how it looks as of about mid February.
There are some details in the steps to complete,
and the railing can be finished now.



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